800score Review

800score Course Features Review:

5 GMAT Computerized Tests

    • Comprehensive explanations
    • Challenging and realistic questions
    • Forum Support includes links to forums discussing "controversial questions" where students discuss and debate answers and common errors.
    • Video explanations
    • 24-hour Tutor email support
    • Animated flash explanations

800score Prep Guide


    • Comprehensive prep guide (over 500 pages) with strategies sorted from beginner to advanced
    • Unique strateges (many featured in publications like BusinessWeek)
    • Dozens of videos

800score Reviews:

  • The 800score GMAT course sets the standard for low-cost test preparation. The tests are wonderfully designed and easy to use. The questions are challenging and the explanations are above anything else in the industry.

    The course guide is rich with graphics and easy to read. The content is funny and well written. There are HUNDREDS of pages of materials, making this nearly as extensive as an online course.

    The tests are highly intuitive and allow you to print out answers. Explanations cover the right answer and common wrong answers. Altogether, a highly effective product.

    Epinions Review

  • This is a very good course for the money and it WILL make a difference on test day.

    Epinions Review

  • 800Score.com is a great resource for anyone who is preparing for the GMAT.


  • Those who are self-motivated and disciplined will probably do well with the content and computer adaptive practice tests.


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