provides a free introductory course for the GMAT. This guide is designed to get your math and verbal skills up to speed so that you can make the most from a classroom or online GMAT course.
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1. GMAT-MBA-PREP's Free GMAT Guide Introduction
Ajeet Khurana
Ajeet was's GMAT expert and has published books through McGraw Hill on preparing for the GMAT. Ajeet is an expert on the MBA admissions process and is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin School of Business.
Steve Alexandris
Steve is passionate about Mathematics and translating ancient greek texts. He studied philosophy at Yale and later earned an PhD in mathematics at MIT. His mathematical interests are in foundational dynamics and in differential geometry. Steve scored an 800 on the GMAT exam. He teaches He is an active tutor in New York City and his insight and teaching techniques have helped hundreds of students master the quantitative portion of the GMAT. Steve works as a Senior Developer for
The scope of this 70-page prep guide introduces skills necessary for the GMAT.

You should begin preparing for the GMAT one to three months before test day. You may need more time (two to five months) if you have been out of school for some time and need to brush up on material. In general, you should spend at least 50 hours preparing.

This free prep guide is intended for students just starting their preparation and who need to learn the basics. If you have already brushed up on your basic skills, then go to our GMAT Strategies page for more help.

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Free Prep Guide Table of Contents

1. Free GMAT Guide Introduction

2. GMAT General Strategies

2a. Five Tips for GMAT Test Day Nerves
2b. Five Tips for GMAT Sudying

3. GMAT Essay Introduction
3a. Analysis of an Argument (30 minutes)
3b. Analysis of an Issue (30 minutes)

4. GMAT Verbal Introduction (75 minutes)
4a. Critical Reasoning
4b. Reading Comprehension
4c. Sentence Correction

5. GMAT Math Introduction (75 minutes)

5a. Arithmetic
gmatNumber Rules
gmatLCM and HCF
gmatLinear Equations and Averages
gmatRatio and Variation
gmatTime, Speed and Distance

5b. Algebra
gmatAlgebraic Expressions
gmatQuadratic Equations
gmatPermutations and Combinations
gmatSequences and Series

5c. Geometry
gmatLines, Angles, and Geometry
gmatTriangles and Polygons
gmatBasic Trigonometry

5d. Data Sufficiency
gmatData Sufficiency Introduction

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